Introducing the HILLS CAT

Performance Twin Hull Power Boats

Performance, Strength & Comfort

The HILLS CAT is designed for optimum strength, speed, and comfort that you expect while exploring the ocean blue.

Whether you are looking to fish or cruise, our twin hull boat designs enable faster speeds and better handling without compromising fuel efficiency or adding more horse power.

Our focus is on designing the strongest yet lightest boat for the ultimate performance.

Attention to Detail

Our boats are hand-cut, hand-laid, and finished using the finest grade materials.

The HILLS CAT is tailor made to fit your seafaring lifestyle.

From electronic accessories to insulated fishing boxes and fishing decks, our team of designers and engineers will work with you to make your dream vessel a reality.

The Twill hull Advantage

Twill hulls are much more power efficient and require smaller powerplants to move the same amount of mass, because their hulls have less drag and are more efficient. As a result, less operating costs.

Stability is much greater in a Twill hulls. As It rises out of the water on plane, it remains stable.

Get access to areas that conventional hulls can't reach, thanks to the shallow draft that the Twill hull design provides.